Lorna Kelly, born and raised in England, moved to America and became the First Female Fine Art Auctioneer in America at Sotheby's.

At a turning point in her life, Ms. Kelly was inspired to travel to India to meet Mother Teresa and to work with her Missionaries of Charity tending the poorest of the poor in Calcutta.

More recently, Lorna has experienced great swings of life's highs and lows .... from appearing in a major motion picture, Sex in The City to being diagnosed with cancer.

Lorna shares these experiences in her new book


The book covers 12 years, during which we share in the excitement of Hollywood, linger in the tranquil British countryside, recoil in horror as we witness an execution in a Texas prison, and face our own inner demons as we walk with Lorna through the treatment of cancer.

In the Footsteps of the Camel is a sequel to Lorna's popular first book,

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We first meet Lorna as she relives her profound experiences coming to America and working in the esoeteric Art World at Sotheby's Auction House. As Lorna travels to India we accompany her across the seas, and inwardly, as she explores the deepest regions of her soul.

With the publication of the latest book, Lorna has resumed her very active life: leading charity auctions, speaking on spiritual topics around the world and working with other cancer survivors.

Over the years, Lorna's charity work has taken her from the Far East to the Middle East, to the South Bronx.

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Lorna Kelly, at Sotheby's Auction House became the first female fine art auctioneer in America
In the rostrum at Sotheby's
Lorna Kelly as a girl with her Brother in England
Lorna, age 5, with her brother
in England 
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